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MaituFoods is the vehicle of owner and co-founder JoVonna Johnson-Cooke, a vegan chef and food justice activist working in Atlanta. Through MaituFoods, she is working to develop culturally appropriate and accessible educational materials that highlight the benefits of healthy nutrition through a vegan diet.

Since 2008, MaituFoods has served more than 2,000 vegan school lunches to children through our subsidized vegan lunch program and more than 1,500 vegan meals to families and private chef clients. The overall mission of MaituFoods is to honor the art of food rituals, and to serve humanity in a way that promotes the least harm and the most good for people, animals, and the environment.

With her husband Eugene Cooke, JoVonna co-founded Grow Where You Are, a grower led collective committed to increasing local food sovereignty by assisting individuals and communities in creating sustainable, plant-based local food systems. Grow Where You Are has transformed numerous urban spaces in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Atlanta by establishing community food gardens & vegetable farms.

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