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MaituFoods Vegan School Lunch was designed 11 years ago to create a food curriculum and program for school children, re-imagining the lunch room and school lunch cuisine. Instead of highly processed, subsidized lunches consisting of foodstuff and food-like products, we set out to create plant based, whole food, farm to table menus.


Sourced largely from our farms and local health food stores, with each meal we strive to focus on the creation of dynamic, nourishing and delicious meals that children can identify, learn from and enjoy. In turn the meals prompt meaningful dialogue around vegan food and the reasons for plant based living.

For more information the MaituFoods School Lunch Program


The MaituFoods’ Plant-Based Pregnancy Program works to provide women with adequate, convenient nutrition to achieve a healthy pregnancy and optimal postpartum recovery through a vegan meal program.


We would like to assist mothers on their pregnant and postpartum journey with our MaituFoods Meal Service.

  • Nutrient Dense

  • Nursing Friendly

  • Common Allergen Free

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